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Well, I’m glad to see my site doing well, even if I am only getting comments on one post! Guys, if there’s anything else I can do to make you stay here longer tell me! I even have the P3 soundtrack. So just tell us!

Unfortunately though, I have Prelims next week, mind you its only 3 of them but I will be “studying” so as per usual this site may be inactive, lol. But remember, comment on us or even just read our posts, anything will do!

Headphone girls

Check back soon.


Lupin III – Red vs. Green

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Holy hell… after nearly a year of promising to review it, i finally get round to Red vs. Green.


Now, I’m a huge Lupin III fan (I blame Caslte of Cagliostro), i had to see Green vs. Red.

Lupin III has been seen all over the world. Singapore, London, New York. But none of these are the real Lupin III, just a bunch of phoneys impersonating him. As it turns out, there are literally hundreds of Lupins out there, all of them different but essentially the same as Lupin.

So here we are introduced to (I suppose) Yasou, a noodle chef who works for minimum wage in a decaying noodle resteraunt. Soon Yasou beomes obsessed with Lupin, begins dressing like him and soon things begin to spiral out of control.

Lupin on the other hand is looking for the Ice Cube, which gets a bit of screen time, but as far as the main focus goes it’s all about Yasou and Lupin. Plus the english dubbing on this was laughably funny (There’s an American character in it and his lines in English are hilarious, and they don’t even mean to be).

My biggest dis-appointment was the fact that it tried too hard to please. It was created for the 40th aniversary for Lupin III (since 1967. Yeah, it’s that old.) and to be honest, it felt way too much like fan service (It keeps using the Castle of Cagliostro’s theme song), and at the same time¬† it want’s to be distinguishable. None of Lupin’s partners in crime really have a major part in it.

I’d probably say this is only for the die hard Lupin fans like myself. But if you like the sound of it, watch some other Lupin III stuff first and then watch this, because it won’t really be that appealing.

Doc Allan

Rating – ** out of *****

Afro Samurai Review – Doc

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I know, i know. Last blog entry was more or less my views on crap i think about. That and i didn’t structure it very well. Ah well, i’ll edit it sooner or later, but for now, onto the REVIEW. I know, Afro Samurai’s been out for a while now, but i only got the chance to finally see it, and not on Adult Swim.

Set in the Dystopic Feudal yet strangley futuristic Japan, Afro Samurai is a story of deceit, action and revenge. And it stars the legendary Samuel L. Jackson as the title role. 


Set in the futuristic Japan where, despite technological advancements, everything feels like it’s feudal japan. The series start’s off with a bang. Afro (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) as a young boy witnesses the beheading of his father by the hands of Justice (Ron Pearlman of the Hellboy Fame), former number 2 and becoming the new number 1 (Afro’s father was the previous Number 1). Fueled by anger and revenge, Afro travels the land as the current number 2, searching to kill Justice and his fathers revenge.

Afro’s world is utter chaos, but there is one rule. Only the Number 2 (As in 2nd best warrior in the world) can challenge Number 1(Who’s power is thought to be god like). However, everyone can challenge Number 2 to try and claim the title which makes Afro’s life slightly difficult. But to the viewer, it means a hell of a lot of Blood, gore and good old fashioned fight scenes.


One of the things that could be said about Afro Samurai was the 2d level of the characters. Arfo is a cold, ass kicking samurai warrior with a dark past that’s revealed slowly throughout the course of the series. However, despite voicing the main character, Samuel L. Jackson performed another role, as Afro’s side kick “Ninja Ninja“. Unlike Afro, Ninja is a hyper active loud mouth who can say the things that Afro could never say as well as being a slight coward. This in turn creates a useful foil for the character. Also is the fantastic Justice voiced by Ron Pearlman, A three armed, gun toting maniac who Afro wants to kill. Ron Pearlman was perfect as the voice of Justice. Damn that guy’s got a creepy voice. Also amongst the voice cast are Kelly Hu, John DiMaggio, and Phil LaMarr


Surprisingly enough, the music was fairly decent. Nothing Orchestral, or anything like that. In actual fact, it’s got more of a hip hop soundtrack, featuring artists like RZA, Big Daddy Kane, Q-Tip, etc. Somehow, the soundtrack went extremely well with the whole series, using it to it’s advantage. If you’re a big fan of hip hop, the soundtracks one to look out for.


Now, here comes the hardest part. Despite Afro Samurai looking really good, the animation to certain parts were absolutley fantastic. Now despite that, the action scenes, despite being gorey and entertaining, the “Camera angles” jumped around way too much, and was quick to iritate me. It was hard to tell what was going on in the close ups in the actions scenes, and that was the only thing to annoy me.

Final Words

Afro Samurai is a decent anime, lasting only 5 episodes it’s pretty good for an anime you don’t want to take too much time up. If you’re a fan of blood, gore, samurai’s and lots of action scenes this is the anime for you. Lets just hope the newly announced sequel will be as good.

Story: 7

Characters: 7

Sound: 8

Animation: 8

Overall: 8

Phew…. got that over with… next Review: LUPIN III- GREEN vs RED


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I have finally got around to posting on this blog, it’s taken a while but here we go~! I’m going to start things off with a very small review on the anime Baccano.

Baccano is one of those very rare shows that only come around once every few years, a show that truly challenges everything… to put it bluntly it is a show that one would call “epic win”

Story: Baccano is set in America mainly during the 1930’s but the story goes as far back as the 1700’s and tells the story of over 10 different characters whose lives and circumstances seem unreleated but when several events begin to become deeper and complex mainly due to an incident on board a train called ‘The Flying Pussyfoot’, the choices and actions of the characters begin to affect one another…

Characters: What really stood out during the anime was how they managed to make a show about so many different characters who are all brilliant and loveable in their own way, as the series progresses you learn more about the characters past and how they came to this point in their lives. Two characters stick out most during the series and that is Isaac and Miria two wild and very slow people who are caught up right in the middle of the story.

Sound: The soundtrack of Baccano is brilliant and has a sort of ‘Cowboy Bebop’ feel about it. There were a few very small parts in the series where the music didn’t go with what was happening in the story but overall it was a fantastic soundtrack that suited the series well. The opening and ending themes were very very nice, the opening song ‘Gun’s & Roses by Paradise Lunch’ was a fantastic jazz song that really captured the feel of the show. The ending song theme ‘Calling by Kaori Oda’ is a beautiful song which is nice and relaxing, both of these songs are brilliant and I strong urge you all to check them out.

Animation: The animation was really nice, not the best, but really nice, it was clear, consistant and suited the mood of the story and characters. The way they showed some of the more gory scenes was well done especially during the scenes with ‘Rail Tracer’.

Final Words: Baccano is a fantastic anime with a strong story, brilliant characters, a cool soundtrack and strong animation – heck just go and watch the show, you cannot lose it has something for everyone!

Story: 10
Characters: 10
Sound: 9
Animation 9
Overall: 10