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Well, I’m glad to see my site doing well, even if I am only getting comments on one post! Guys, if there’s anything else I can do to make you stay here longer tell me! I even have the P3 soundtrack. So just tell us!

Unfortunately though, I have Prelims next week, mind you its only 3 of them but I will be “studying” so as per usual this site may be inactive, lol. But remember, comment on us or even just read our posts, anything will do!

Headphone girls

Check back soon.


Are there really 3 writers here?

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Sorry about the inactivity. I have been ill and have been having a social life(which is fun, you should try it if you dont have one). Anyways, this is more of a random post than anything else but I will show you what I recently received through the mail.

The Strawberry Panic Light Novel.

The Strawberry Panic Light Novel.

I apologise for the fuzzyness of the photo. My room has weird lights and I’m quite shaky when it comes to staying still. Other than that, I blame the iPhone.

Basically I saw this anime as it was coming out, and being a fan of shojo-ai I loved it. I loved the drama more than the shojo-ai though. So eventually after two years,  I bought the novel. I’m hoping it will be a good read.

The setting is lush Astraea Hill, where three famous all-girls schools are built. It’s the first day of school, and the cherry blossoms are scattering to the ground. Nagisa meets Hanazono Shizuma, the top student in the school, and her breath is taken away by her beauty. But when Shizuma takes a liking to Nagisa, love and chaos soon follow…

-Quote from Seven Seas

Anyway, again I apologise for the inactivity and I will try to post more. I’m thinking about doing a review for Bleach -The Diamond Dust Rebellion- soon. So if I decide to, look forward to it!