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Persona 3 FES Soundtracks

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So guys, I said over a year ago that I’d upload some Person 3 soundtracks. So I give you..
The soundtracks!
Yup, I’ve got P3 FES and Reincarnation. Both uploaded via Filesonic. Enjoy guys! 😀
Just copy paste the links into a new tab or something, as wordpress will not allow me to post the links properly.. Oh and I do apologise about the adfly links.. but I am giving you P3 OSTs. Bear with it. 🙂

Persona 3 FES : Original Soundtrack

1 – P3 fes
2 – Brand New Days -Beginning-
3 – Opening Act
4 – 3/31
5 – Blind Alley
6 – Interstice of Time
7 – Mass Destruction -P3fes version-
8 – The Snow Queen
9 – Maya Theme
10 – Between Doors
11 – Their Own Past
12 – Heartful Cry
13 – Persona
14 – Time Castle
15 – Seal
16 – Darkness
17 – Brand New Days


Burn My Dread – Reincarnation Persona 3 Soundtrack

1 – Burn My Dread
2 – Changing Seasons
3 – Want To Be Close
4 – When the Moon’s Reaching out the stars
5 – Sake Rare Nu Tatakai
6 – Subete no Hito no Tamashii no Shi
7 – Burn My Dread -Last Battle-
8 – Deep Breath Deep Breath
9 – Subete no Hito no Tamashii no Tatakai
10 – Living With Determination
11 – Mass Destruction
12 – Kimi no Kioku ~Orchestra version




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We are still using the other site, but this one is the most visited because of the Persona links. I can’t ask that you go to our other site for that, so what I’ve decided to do is post some other links. Such as Persona 4, Persona 3, Ever17 OST’s possibly the Ever17 as you now cannot but it anywhere.


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Readers. We are moving the site.
Burn My Dread. We’re still updating it so, please be patient.

Coming soon!

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Hello, my little minions– I mean readers! Soon, I will upload the Persona 3 Fes OST. I’ll also review a recent game, Prototype. Basically, I’m hoping this will allow my blog to gain popularity. To be honest though, if no one wants to read our posts, it’s their loss. I’ll continue to post regardless. If anyone has any requests for downloads then I’ll be happy to oblige but remember people 😉 if you like the download then please be sure to buy it to support the people who made it, then maybe they can make more fantastic stuff! 😀

So yeah, soon…. Prototype and P3 Fes. Prototype will be my first game review, please be sure to comment on it and tell me if I should do more reviews. I’ll appreciate it! 🙂 Also, if anyone wants to contribute to the blog then please, speak up! Have your say!

Thank you and good night! It’s 3.46 am over here, haha. Fun times staying up till late then getting up early. :L

And Fray is BACK… but we’ve got nothing.

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Well, Fray’s back in the country…. and he’s brought anime with him! Not making any promises but we might have a review up by the end of the week… god only knows how much college stuff i’ve got to go through. So, keep on Truckin’.




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Just to wish you a Happy New year from the BMD team.


Merry Christmas everybody!

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Yes, it’s near enough 3 days late, but fuck it.


from the BMD team