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Just to wish you a Happy New year from the BMD team.



Yes Man – Review

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….. let’s get this over with….



Jim Carrey plays Carl Allen, a depressed bank workers who say’s “No” to everything that happens. One day, he goes to a massive therapy session… no magic wish like Liar Liar, he just decides to say “yes” to everything….  So life goes on and he says yes to everything, and hillarity (somewhat) persues.


To be perfectly honest, this film is funny in certain parts, though i don’t exactly recommend it…. especially the granny scene…. God that’s just plain disturbing…. The Characters are somewhat likable, and unlikable in other parts.


Not Jim Carreys greatest film, but none the less a bit of a giggle… nothing laugh out loud here though.

** and a half out of *****


The Spirit – The review

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Those of you who actually keep up with the updates will know my opinion of the Spirit.

I love the comics… absolutley brilliant stuff, and without a doubt one of my favourites.

The film?…. well that’s what this rant is for. It’s NOT a review…. it’s just one big assed rant.



Yes…. ladies and gentlemen, this is The Spirit. Now it may look pretty bad ass, but to a die hard comic book geek like me, it looks nothing like what i had hoped for. The comics were bright, colourful and very tounge in cheek in the whole style of things. This movie, just looks like Sin City 2, but it is nowhere near the brilliance of Sin City. This film is fuzzy, and full of dull colours. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin the real review


IF you could call this a laudable and developed storyline, you are most likely a twat. This story is absolute BULL SHIT. I swear, i’ve not seen a movie this stupid for a while, but then again it’s Frank Miller (Who’s just gone completely insane since All Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder). Anyway, the story goes that Denny Colt is killed, and becomes The Spirit who fights for justice in the shadows of Central City (*COUGH*batman Ripoff!*COUGH!*). anyway, the Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson) is after the Golden Fleece from the old story of Jason and the Argonauts, meanwhile Sand Saref (Eva Mendes) is after the sword of Hercules or Heracles or whatever, she keeps changing the name. Either way, this movies storyline is total SHIT. It knows what it wants to be, but it just doesn’t do it!


I love the Spirit… i absolutely adore the characters from Commisioner Dolan, his daughter and hell, all the bad guys (and girls) are great fun characters. The thing that works is the fact that they’re taken seriously, but in an absurd way. Sand Saref is the kind of girl next door, you know the one that your mum would introduce you to, despite turning into a thief. Really, the Spirit was a very feminist comic, the women could handle themselves, the men could handle themselves but were never truly as interesting as the female characters (I had a total crush on them as a kid).

The movie’s characters however, are about as 2d as a piece of paper. If Will Eisner, the creator of the Spirit, were still alive i genuinley think he would be devistated at the usage of his characters… sure he hadn’t made a comic of the Spirit since the 50′s, but i still think he had some connection to the characters. You really don’t have ANY idea how bad the cast were in this movie! Even Samuel L. Jackson was terrible in the film. Hell, he dresses up as a Nazi in one scene, and it’s for NO FUCKING REASON! He doesn’t even make a reference to Nazism later in the movie. That’s just how stupid some of the characters were!


If you love incredibly stupid movies, like Ecks Vs. Sever, Alone in the Dark and all that sort of bullshit, you STILL won’t like this film. I swear, i went to see this and when i walked out i didn’t hear a single worthy comment of this film. Genuinley, this film is total bull shit, quite possibly the worst movie i’ve seen ALL YEAR.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the true Spirit:


And this is the bullshit that Frank Millar comes out with:


God fucking damn it…


out of *****

That’s right. NOTHING! That’s how shit bad this movie was. It was insanely poor. Just don’t watch it, save your money, keep it in that account to actually do something that’s worthy with it, like buying a gun that shoots lighting and bees at people….


Merry Christmas everybody!

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Yes, it’s near enough 3 days late, but fuck it.


from the BMD team

The Day the Earth Stood Still – Review

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Hmmm… A classic being re-made… Not unheard of in this day and age.  The Day the Earth Stood Still was a fantastic science fiction movie of the 1950’s starring Gort, the killer robot who, let’s face it, was pretty amazing looking for his time.

And now it’s been re-made….



Klaatu (Keanu Reeves) arrives earth to judge humanity’s role in the universe. He ends up getting shot, and is interrogated by the US military. Seeing humanity’s reaction towards him, he judges that humanity is pretty much evil, so he uses Gort (The big robot that looks like Cyclops from the X-Men) to exterminate life on earth. It’s all a matter of time till Earth is destroyed. Can anyone change Klaatu’s mind about Mankind?

Cast and Characters

Keanu Reeve’s is no Michael Rennie (The original Klaatu), overall i was somewhat disappointed with the Day the Earth Stood Still, it has so much more potential and yet it has so much to lose. Keanu Reeve’s, i will admit, was pretty flat and monotonus in the way he spoke. It was incredibly irritating hearing him talk. Strangley enough the only character that had any dimension to his character was Jacob, Helen’s (played by Jeniffer Connelly) stepson who you seriously wanted to strangle every time he spoke. Seriously, you just wanted to be given the oppertunity to slap that kid!


Personally i thought the original was fantastic (As is the opinion of many). If you’ve not seen the original, i’d recommend going to see this. If you’re like me and have seen the original, it was terrible. I’d recommend this if it came out on DVD or Blu-Ray however, so keep your eyes out when that comes about.

Final Rating

** out of *****

Doc Allan

And Fray has left the country!

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Just to tell everyone out there that Fray is currently in Japan right now, chasing after cute japanese girls, and eating noodles and turning into Kamen Rider to save the people of Tokyo!….

We just got his first picture in, sent directly from Japan:


So, while he’s off saving japan, me and Chris are still here in the UK, ready to review new stuff.  Great…

Next review,  we talk about “the Day the Earth Stood Still”…

I can’t wait… Don’t worry, Chris will make a review soon, and Fray will make a review…. after the new year.


Lupin III – Red vs. Green

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Holy hell… after nearly a year of promising to review it, i finally get round to Red vs. Green.


Now, I’m a huge Lupin III fan (I blame Caslte of Cagliostro), i had to see Green vs. Red.

Lupin III has been seen all over the world. Singapore, London, New York. But none of these are the real Lupin III, just a bunch of phoneys impersonating him. As it turns out, there are literally hundreds of Lupins out there, all of them different but essentially the same as Lupin.

So here we are introduced to (I suppose) Yasou, a noodle chef who works for minimum wage in a decaying noodle resteraunt. Soon Yasou beomes obsessed with Lupin, begins dressing like him and soon things begin to spiral out of control.

Lupin on the other hand is looking for the Ice Cube, which gets a bit of screen time, but as far as the main focus goes it’s all about Yasou and Lupin. Plus the english dubbing on this was laughably funny (There’s an American character in it and his lines in English are hilarious, and they don’t even mean to be).

My biggest dis-appointment was the fact that it tried too hard to please. It was created for the 40th aniversary for Lupin III (since 1967. Yeah, it’s that old.) and to be honest, it felt way too much like fan service (It keeps using the Castle of Cagliostro’s theme song), and at the same time  it want’s to be distinguishable. None of Lupin’s partners in crime really have a major part in it.

I’d probably say this is only for the die hard Lupin fans like myself. But if you like the sound of it, watch some other Lupin III stuff first and then watch this, because it won’t really be that appealing.

Doc Allan

Rating – ** out of *****