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Posted in Recommendation with tags , , , , , , , , , on May 20, 2009 by ChrisCaboose

Apologies for the long inactivity, even if my Persona 4 post is the only one getting the attention. Meh, you get what you look for, and to be honest, not many people are looking for a blog with a review of a movie, or review of an anime. Afterall, we have got blogs such as Random Curiosity with daily reviews of anime episodes. We also have IMDb for movie ratings, so why come here to get that stuff? If you want some average quality posts from “normal people” then this blog might interest you. Soon I will do another “Welcome” post and redo the site, although after my last exam next Wednesday. Now, enough with my rant I shall give you what the title suggests. Not a download, a review.

Windows 7 is Microsofts latest development. Still in testing with RCs. It will be released sometime next year, with a possibility of it coming later this year. I, getting tired of my 64 bit XP system, thought I would try out 7, and see how it was. I installed it on my second hard drive, and I must say that I’m impressed.

Windows XP certainly has its stability, Vista has its faults, but Windows 7 has the potential to stable and reliable with features XP never heard of, and Vista was too faulty to handle. Windows 7 has more compatibilty with programs than my 64 bit system, and the full 7 hasn’t even been released yet. Personally, I think this OS is the next XP. Vista was abandoned, even though it was supposed to be far greater than XP, it proved wrong.

This is a screenshot of my current desktop.


This is the specs.

Desktop1The start menu.


What impresses me by 7 is the fact that you can change backgrounds with ease.  I have a Soul Eater theme with 4 different wallpapers circulating around every few minutes. For someone who changes their wallpaper frequently, this is a dream.

I like the graphics of the system. Nice, clearcut high quality.

I’m tired at the moment as it’s 4.39 am over here, so I will be drawing my conclusion here. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

So, Windows 7, Microsofts soon-to-be new money maker, looks very promising. Has a lot of protential and if compatible with other software, so installations are safe. WIndows RC candidates will be shut down on in 2010. I’d recommend downloading this, putting it on a pc or hard drive you care nothing about so you can make 7 the primary OS of an old PC.

Well it’s been fun reviewing, but I gotta go before I fall asleep at the PC. As I said, any questions then ask.

Chris out.

EDIT: Sorry for the small screenshots. I will fix them.